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Why You Should Use A Password Manager?

Nowadays, we often rely on technology to take care of our tasks, personal accounts, passwords, and oftentimes, it eventually leads to an unexpected cyber attack that causes a severe data breach.

Research  shows that at least 6 out of 10 Americans are extremely concerned about their personal information being stolen. Moreover, a research that Symantec conducted in 2012 shows that cyberattacks usually cost about US$114 billion each year for damages.

One of the most common fronts of  malware are emails, phony websites, unencrypted financial transactions, and cybercriminals who might exploit your personal data. The cybersecurity community has identified the need for more inventive and effective malware defensive techniques, thus creating password managers.

Password Managers is a software that will help you store and generate, maintain and manage passwords efficiently in just one click.Most password managers will automatically fill in login fields with your password easily without a hassle. In addition, some of them will be able to identify passwords you’ve re-used between sites and help you replace them for extra security.

A lot of people may have heard about the dark web and it is something that all people should be aware of. Dark Web is a part of the World Wide Web that is only accessible by the use of special software and it allows website operators to remain anonymous and untraceable. This is why the Dark Web Monitoring Feature is an important feature, this will alert you if your personal information is at risk due to data breach.

Using a password manager can help you reduce your chances of being a victim of a cyberattack. Here are a few good reasons to purchase one:

  1. Your Passwords Are Far Too Simple - Cybercriminals are more likely to crack passwords that can be easily remembered. The truth is the more difficult it is to remember a password, the more difficult it is to crack and that’s where password managers will help you.
  2. Random Passwords - Password managers are not just considered as password storage but they also generate random passwords that may include 20 random characters or even unpronounceable random phrases that can be considered as strong and complex passwords.
  3. Simply Log In to Your Accounts - You can easily log into your accounts. After you've signed up for a password manager, you may install a browser extension that will auto-fill logins while still securely saving them.
  4. It Has an Autofill Feature - Before logging into your accounts, password managers have an autofill feature that will no longer require you to type your passwords manually.
  5. Store Other Valuable Information - Password managers are not just password storage, but they also store and save other valuable information about you such as answers to your security questions, shopping profiles, memberships, and medical prescriptions/information that may be saved and stored.
  6. Share Your Passwords Safely - By using a password manager, you may share passwords with your family, workmates, or anyone you share an account with. You may also regulate who gets access to passwords by using a password manager.
  7. Access Your Passwords Across Multiple Devices - Password Managers also provide this important feature since we use different devices in working and personal use.
  8. Protect Your Credentials Against the Unseen Part of the Internet - Another important feature is the Dark Web Monitoring that will notify you if your credentials have been disseminated from the unseen part of the internet.

To sum it up, password managers are a big help to help store valuable information such as passwords, personal information, credit card info, phone numbers, and more. Digital Vault is an easy to use password manager that will help YOU manage and secure your passwords in just one click for only $5 per month and $60 per year!

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Digital Vault is an easy to use password manager that will help YOU manage and secure your passwords in just one click.
Yes. Digital Vault is 100% secure to use and YOU are the only one who has access to your information.
You can sync as many devices as you need. There is no limit to the amount of devices you can have associated with your account.
Digital Vault offers a password manager for only $5 per month and you may access it on all of your devices, has emergency access, security dashboard, and priority tech support.
We accept all major debit and credit card carriers.

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